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Bermuda is made up of over 130 islands laid out in rough east west axis with the main islands connected together by road bridges. The islands have low hills with fertile valleys mixed with waterways. Bermuda has two municipalities the Capital Hamilton and the Town of St George in the north.

Bermuda is often thought to be a Caribbean Island but is not in the Caribbean Sea and is farther north, 650 miles east of Cape Hatteras in the USA , gaining its tropical atmosphere from the Gulf Stream.

Spaniard Juan de Bermudez first visited Bermuda in 1503 but did not claim the island for Spain . And was originally known as the "The Isle of Devils". Bermuda was first settled by the British in 1609 and has developed to become a successful offshore financial centre and tourist destination. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory with self government.

Bermuda has no rainy season and the warmest weather is in July, August and September but rarely rises 29 C. From mid-December to late March the average 21 C.

Despite being made up of over 130 small islands stretching along a north east to south west axis, locals know Bermuda as “the island”. It is the most populous and the oldest of the few remaining overseas British territories. Many people mistakenly associate Bermuda with the Caribbean, but it is in fact nearly 1000 miles North of Miami in the Atlantic. There are ten principle islands connected via bridge, which typically consist of low hills and fertile valleys.

Travelling around Bermuda is somewhat harder than other Caribbean countries as there are no hire car facilities. Far from being killjoys, this is purely down to the efforts of the Bermudan government to minimise pollution and congestion and prevent them from spoiling the island paradise. However there is a quality public transport system consisting of busses and ferries with bold Pink and Blue insignia and tourists can rent scooters if they wish to explore all the island has to offer independently. The islands Taxi’s are not to be overlooked, as they’ll frequently offer their own inimitable perspective on the islands music or history. All in all there are sixty four miles of coastline to explore.

In the middle of Bermuda is the capital, Hamilton, although it only has an estimated permanent population of one thousand souls. It is named after Sir Henry Hamilton, who governed the island from 1778 to 1794. It is also Bermuda’s main port, and hope to some of the multi-national companies that use it as their offshore home.

To the East is St. George’s, the old capital which was founded in 1612. It remains relatively untouched by the economic boom that has overtaken Hamilton, and the government has taken steps to protect old buildings and to prevent the building of new ones. This insight into the colourful colonial past has earned the town a UNESCO World Heritage site, hopefully ensuring its protection for the future. In the centre of the town is Kings Square where you can see replica stocks and a ducking chair, used to punish gossiping women.

Most people will be attracted here by the climate and the beach, and it’s true to say they don’t disappoint. The North of the island is more sheltered, meaning that the more spectacular beaches are normally to be found on the Southern side. Asides from occasionally strong tides, the major concern should be finding your own piece of famous pink sand. In fact, the island is small enough for visitors to explore themselves and find the perfect spot. For the less adventurous, Horseshoe Bay beach in Southampton parish is beautiful and popular, with some rocky areas for good snorkelling.

There are a number of old forts and batteries spread throughout the island and even offshore, which were used as island defences and manned until 1957. They have generally been restored and are in good repair, and are recommended as a good way to imagine how life must have been on the island. Fort St Catherine in St. George parish north has comprehensive displays and even a replica set of crown jewels.


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