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Bermuda Bus
Bermuda has an efficient bus service connecting via Hamilton. Bus stops are poles either blue or pink. Pink poles indicates buses to Hamilton and blue poles buses coming from Hamilton. The central bus terminal is on Washington Street in Hamilton. Passengers must have the exact fare in coins and no paper currency is accepted. A transport pass is available for 1 - 7 days.

Bermuda ferries
Passenger ferries are available on Hamilton Harbour and the Great Sound, and an easy way to reach Somerset, Dockyard, Paget, Warwick, Ireland Island and to St. George's . Passes valid on both buses and ferries are available for unlimited use for periods of 1 to 31 days.

Bermuda taxi
Taxis are available at taxi stands on Front St. in Hamilton , at the major hotels or by phone. All taxis are fitted with a meter.

Bermuda driving
Hire cars are banned, and only residents are permitted to own cars.

Bermuda moped
Motorized bicycles or mopeds are available for hire.





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