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Bermuda Railway Trail
A 22-mile railway served Bermuda from 1931-1948. It took eight years with 33 bridges and trestles and now a walking trail.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI)
The BUEI has exhibits showing dive technology and shell collections. Try a simulated dive to 12,000 feet below the Bermuda Seamount. View the Teddy Tucker Shipwreck Gallery. East Broadway just outside of Hamilton.

Crystal Caves
A cave worth viewing due to the crystals of clear sapphire in the underground waters. After Crystal Cave , visit Fantasy Cave which is very different. Floating pontoon pathways span a large 55 feet deep azure blue underground lake. Wilkinson Avenue, Bailey's Bay.

Snorkel Park
A safe and easy place to snorkel and a great place to learn. Pass through a limestone tunnel to a tropical oasis, complete with palm trees, white sand beach and ocean views. Royal Naval Dockyard.



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