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A Guide To Caribbean Cruises with Royal Caribbean

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If you have just booked or are planning on booking your first Caribbean cruise holidays with Royal Caribbean , you probably feel a little overwhelmed. If you haven't yet booked your trip, there are plenty of cheap cruise deals that can be found for this destination. Simply use a search engine to compare rates from all the major providers. This article will help by providing essential travel information and tips.

What To Bring

There are several things you will need to bring on the ship. The most essential item needed is a passport. Although a passport is not required for some cruise destinations, it is required for all U.S. travelers who are destined for the Caribbean. Keep in mind that dinners on the ship may be formal. Depending on the provider chosen, dining will either be casual, upscale casual or formal. It is best to bring a modest semi-formal or attractive dress for women; men should bring a suit and tie or button-up collared shirt and tie to wear with slacks. Another essential item to bring is bug spray. In this tropical region, there are very small bugs that bite and cause serious itching, which can ruin a trip for some people who are sensitive to their bite. Most towns in Caribbean destinations do not sell bug spray with DEET, which is the only type of spray that will get rid of the tiny bugs. Be sure to pack plenty of this spray before boarding the ship. If your lifestyle is heavily reliant on mobile devices or other electronic devices, bring a power strip. There is usually only one outlet in most rooms; some have two.

Where To Go

One of the best values for the Caribbean is a 7-night option. This is long enough to enjoy a thorough vacation, but short enough that it is possible to get time off work. It is also the best overall value per dollar spent. The most advantageous part is being able to enjoy seeing a variety of destinations in this beautiful tropical climate. The cruises that focus on eastern destinations include stops in St. Maarten and the Bahamas, which are the top two destinations. St. Maarten is both European and tropical, giving it a unique mix of sophisticated culture and architecture, while the land itself reflects the beauty of a tropical paradise. The Bahamas are full of pristine sandy beaches, gentle waves and comfortably cool crystal-clear ocean water. Palm trees, wild flowers and lush greenery add to the beauty of the turquoise seas. There are also plenty of shops with unique hand-made island treasures to buy for low prices. Destinations that focus on the western part of the region include stops in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Jamaica is well-known for its festive music, welcoming culture and bargain souvenirs - and of course phenomenal tropical beaches. A stop in the Cayman Islands is also one of the most optimal choices. Piers, shallow ocean waves, shops, museums and unique dining venues are what make this relaxing stop attractive.



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